Morality; There is no argument

Speech bubbles for Right and Wrong

So, you think you know right from wrong. That doing A makes you a good person and doing B makes you the devil incarnate; That there is this thing called justice and there is this other thing called evil. You tell yourself, (perhaps deep down) that you’re a good person … Continue reading

Silencing Dissention: A disturbing trend sweeping the internet


Horse walks into a bar; barman says “why the long face?” The internet; Once upon a time it was compared to the American wild west and in some important ways that was a relevant analogy. In an environment of growing censorship the internet became a safe haven, where everyone could … Continue reading

The problem with rbutr


rbutr is a browser plugin aimed at skeptics and academics that approaches the internet with the idea it is “broken” because it allows anyone to write anything without need for substance, credibility or citation. Herein lies the first problem, although the plugin’s author does have his heart in the right … Continue reading

GTA 5 : 10 Things that would have made it better

gta v main

GTA V is one of the hottest and most anticipated games of 2013. And whilst there is absolutely no denying all the effort 2K Games and Rockstar made on this game paid off in spades with a fantastic, indepth game, there were a few things that stopped it for being … Continue reading



John looked back into the darkness and felt something he hadn’t since he was 12; as his heart rate quickened he struggled to make a shape from the gloomy mist of night. “Who’s there” he shouted into the void, but no reply came. John laid back down and pulling the … Continue reading